Alternate OS’s

Alternate Operating System and Software Installation and Configuration


If you are after something FREE and a little different to Windows I am also able to install and configure Linux, including Ubuntu, Fedora and others, which can be installed alongside your existing Windows Installation.



Linux is generally less demanding than Windows and can be run on even the most ancient machines ( 10 years or older!)

If you are interested in trying Linux but not replacing your current Windows System, i can help configure Linux (Ubuntu and other variants) to run within a Virtual Machine which runs within Windows, but runs independently and contained so does not have any effect on your Windows system at all.

By doing this you can test a Linux system, and if you are not happy with it, you can just delete it!

Although Linux and the vast range of software that can be downloaded for it is free, it is by no means as easy to use as Windows, so if you are up for challenge, or something different feel free to get in touch with me.