Home Theatre PCs

Home Theatre PCs and Home Theatre Installations


A basic Home Theatre PC (or HTPC) can simply be connected to your TV to share videos or watch movies on via your hard drive or over the internet.

But a more advanced setup will allow you to permanently access movie and video files from other computers over your network or on a Network Attached Storage (or NAS) Device. (please see Data Backup for more info on NAS storage devices)

By carefully selecting the right components, display settings, accessories and software – you can turn your PC into a fully fledged Set Top box and Media Center.

A Home Theatre PC can be as simple as a Laptop – but to completely complement your Living Room, they can be designed as small as needed or specifically like a Stereo Receiver!


Advanced installations can also be designed and implemented including Projectors, Projector Screens and Stereo or 5.1 Surround Sound Installations.