New Desktop Systems

Carefully built Custom Systems for any specific needs, including your business.

From Simple Internet and Email Capable Systems to Monster Gaming Rigs…….

All computers are fully tested, optimised, quiet, powerful and built with Quality and Reliability in mind!



Getting a customised Desktop PC Built has many advantages. A Hand built system can allow for a more powerful PC with higher quality components than a manufacturer would use.

It also gives you complete control over the components and upgrade options in the future (in contrast to a name brand where removing the side of the case would almost always void the warranty!!!).

For example if the computer seems to run slower with lots of programs open, you can always add additional memory or upgrade the processor to allow for more power and speed.

To get a general idea of costs you can use the below website to pick your PC and then compare it to a quote which I would be happy to give.

PC Part Picker

Please click here to see my current range of value second hand computers.

Laptops can also be provided depending on your budget and requirements.

Documents and other personal information (such as emails, contacts and favourites) can be copied from your old computer to the new one for a small fee.

Operating Systems (Windows, Linux) and program installation also comes at extra cost.

Second hand monitors can be provided- so if you are strapped for cash, please let me know and I can find something that meets your budget.

As prices are constantly changing, please call, email or use the below form with your queries or requirements and I will be happy to give you a quote based on current prices.