Budget PCs


Budget Desktop PCs

There was a time when building a new PC was extremely expensive and required the most powerful components your budget could allow for.

Even though this is still partly true (mainly for gaming and video processing and editing), for the majority of users who just require Word Processing, surfing the internet, and watching videos, a budget system would be perfect.

These systems do not use cheap no name parts and they come with at least one year warranty on parts (with full continued support by me).

Budget Systems (only by name and price!) can always be upgraded to midrange and even high range usually just by adding or upgrading one or more several key components (Memory, CPU, Hard Drive and Video Card)

Budget Computer Systems can be built for approx $400, but do not come with Windows, Monitor, keyboards or mice etc. All Budget systems can still provide ample power to Multitask (run more than one program at once) without slowing down (given you arent running graphically intense programs).