Data Backup

Data backup and retrieval from damaged or problematic hard drives.


Depending on the problem, a variety of techniques can be used to retrieve your valuable irreplaceable data, including your Documents, Photos, Emails, Videos.

Although in some circumstances it may not be possible to retrieve your data, and therefore it is always a good idea to back up to more than one location, but never only onto the same hard drive….the more the better is a good rule if you have lots of photos and videos. Please see NAS devices below too for a better backup system if you have thousands of photos, videos or music files.

Backup hard drives can be permanently installed into Desktop PC’s, and assistance given into how to manage backups, or external hard drives can be easily connected to provide fast and portable storage.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices:


If you have multiple computers on a home or business Network, then a Network Attached Storage Device may be an ideal way to backup and share files across your network.

NAS devices can come with a single drive or multiple drives which allow for greater data protection and higher capacity storage.

If you have a business and do not have any form of data backup at present, consider installing a NAS, as it will provide a constantly avaliable, reliable and centralised data and backup system.

Besides allowing for backing up and sharing data across a network, NAS devices also allow other abilities:

– Music and Video Server for streaming to other PCs and devices (ideal for a home theatre).

– Web Server software to host your own websites.

– Database Server Software.

– Freeing up space on your PC hard drives.

-Relatively simple to setup and configure.

Super fast access to your data, and therefore more productive for your business!!!!


NAS Drives can come in 1 to 6 drive configurations, with storage ranging for 1 to 16 terrabytes (16000 gigabytes!).

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